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The Keukenhof is the second largest flower garden in the world. The Keukenhof garden offers a breathtaking display of flowers such as hyacinths, daffodils, narcissus, amaryllis, azaleas and the famous Dutch tulips. Starting from late March, this 70 acre park is covered with a colored carpet of about seven million flowers. Besides, large pavilions show a wide range of flowers protected from the rain and wind. Some shows change the flowers weekly among the display of nicely flower arrangements and a variety of over 600 tulips, daffodils and other spring plants.

The Keukenhof is very popular and receives approximately 900,000 visitors a week during the open season each year. Since 1999 the Zomerhof is organised annually from mid-August till mid September. It covers a colorful display of about 17 acres and includes bulbs such as begonias, lilies and roses.

The park includes three model gardens, sculpture exhibitions, a self-service restaurant, flower shops and a working windmill open for visitors.

The best way to reach the Keukenhof from Amsterdam is to go by train to Leiden or Schiphol. During the opening season there’s a direct bus (no. 54) from Leiden Central Station and bus no.58 from Schipol. The direct bus from Schipol takes 45 minutes.

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