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Holland is famous for the 20 million bicycles zigzagging around the country. With an astonishing 4 million more bicycles than people, Holland has the highest bicycle density in the world. No wonder why there is a steady rate of 800 thousand stolen bikes per year. So lock it or lose it!

What makes the Netherlands such a devoted bicycle country is not known, but a guess would be that Holland is a very flat country. For the Dutch, a bicycle is the primary means of transportation within the city. In fact a lot of people own several bikes for different purposes; one for everyday use which is usually not much more than a wreck, and a decent one for trips and tours.

With over 11,000 miles of paths and bicycle lanes, Holland is the perfect country for a cycling vacation. If you are planning such a vacation we suggest you to visit Cycling in the Netherlands

If you are a ‘fiets’ (bicycle in Dutch) lover, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the  National Bicycle Museum in Velorama. An extensive collection of 250 authentic veteran cycles will impress bicycle lovers of all ages.

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