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Preparing for your move

Before you leave for a new life, make sure that everything is taken care of. It is important to research in advance about what is exactly required, both legally and not before moving to the Netherlands. Regulations and laws might vary from your country of origin and therefore you need to prepare well in advance especially if you are coming from another country other than an EU/EEC country. The following checklist is intended to help you out in settling various actions you need to settle before you leave and organize yourself better to prepare for your move.

Make sure to research and have sufficient knowledge about:

  • Visas and permits;
  • Restrictions or taxes on shipped household items;
  • Taxes involved in shipping your car/motorbike
  • Vaccines and quarantines for pets;
  • Insurances

File Applications for Visas and Permits – Start these processes as early as possible and make sure that official documents are valid travelling. Generally official documents such as a passport must be valid for 3 more months from the time of entry into the Netherlands. However, it is recommendable to renew any official document set to expire before leaving your country.More»

Gather Important Documents – Be sure to request and take with you official copies of important personal documents and arrange for official translations in case they are not written in one of the official languages: English, French or German. Important documents include:

  • Birth and marriage certificates;
  • Social security cards;
  • Medical and dental records
  • Insurance policies;
  • Academic records and diplomas
  • Employment records;
  • Employment records

Insurances – Know which insurances are valid one in the Netherlands. For instance health insurances cannot be transferred since in most cases Dutch law requires expats to take out a Dutch one. In case you will rent a property, it’s good to know that as a tenant you will be obliged to take out a property insurance.

Bank and Credit Card Accounts – Is is important to open a Dutch bank account as soon as you arrive in the Netherlands in order to make your stay easier. Review the local and international banks that exist and find out which bank would be the most suitable for your specific situation. Certain banks offer special agreements for example if you and your spouse wish to open more than one account. Be aware that certain international banks might provide better services in case you need to transfer and manage funds between countries.More»

Prescription Drugs – If needed, purchase additional quantities to cover the initial period of your stay and obtain a copy of the medical file related to the condition to present it later.

International Driving Permit – A driving license issued in any other countries than EU/EEC, has a validity period of six months (185 days) after registering as a Dutch resident. Make sure that your license will be valid during this period of your stay and if not renew before your move.More»

Tax Obligations – Each country has distinct tax rules for foreign earned income therefore it is important to determine the tax obligations and gather the necessary paperwork.More»

Pets – If a pet is being moved, ensure you have everything up-to-date with regard to vaccinations and certificates.More»

Forward Mail – Make the necessary arrangements at your local post office to ensure your mail is forwarded to your new address.

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