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Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Abraxas Coffeeshop (Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14) – Tourist-friendly  – Colourful mosaics and large couches dominate, giving giving Abraxas a real hippy feel.
The Bulldog (Leidseplein 15) – Reliably good dope.
Conscious Dreams (Warmoesstraat 12) – Great mushrooms.
Dampkring (Handboogstraat 29) – Excellent menu. 
Grey Area (Oude Leliestraat 2) – Fantastic GreyHaze.
Hill Street Blues (Warmoesstraat 52a) – Great dope.
Kadinsky (Rosmarijnsteeg 9) – Great selection.
The Magic Mushroom Gallery (Spuistraat 249) – Wide selection of tasty shrooms.
Nes Café (Nes 33) – Good prices for top quality weed. 
Pink Floyd (Haarlemmerstraat 44) – Good music and relaxed atmosphere.
The Rookies Bar (Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 145-147) – Excellent weed at a fair price. 
Coffeeshop Grasshopper (Oudebrugsteeg 16)- sSacious coffeesho with a terrace in summer, a bar and restaurant upstairs.
Coffeeshop Rokerij (Leidseplein) – Spacious and tends to get very busy at times!
Coffeeshop Johnny (Elandsgracht 3) – A tiny coffeeshop in the very heard of Jordaan.
Coffeeshop Choice Exact (Oude Hoogstraat 9) – Located just off the Dam square, this old-style coffeeshop is suitable also for groups who want to have a pint while paying pool or table soccer.
Coffeeshop Get Down to IT (Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 77-79 ) – Close to Leidseplein, this is the Internet coffeeshop, but also has a bar and pool tables.
Coffeeshop Mellow Yellow 9Vijzelgracht 33) – The first coffeeshop in Amsterdam ever, a smoking reminder of 70s but still an enjoyable place to be in the centre of Amsterdam 
Coffeeshop Little (Vijzelgracht 47) – Little basement club with a friendly crew, stuff at little prices.
Cafe The Dolphins (Kerkstraat 39) – Lively and smoke-friendly cafe conveniently located near to Leidsplein. 
Coffeeshop YO YO (2e Jan van der Heijdenstraat) – Well lit and welcoming. Friendly staff with more of a cafe’ feeling than a coffeeshop.

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