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Getting Around by Bike

The bicycle is a cheap and fast way of moving within Dutch cities. Be sure to have a good lock and attach your bike to an immovable object to discourage bike-snatchers. There is a law which prohibits randomly leaving bicycles within the inner city area. Bicycles should be parked in respective bike racks spread around the cities.

When cycling keep in mind the following tips:

  • Cyclists should always travel on the cycle paths whenever there is one. These lanes are normally colored in a reddish paint and marked with signs saying ‘fietspad’
  •  Cycling on pavement is not allowed
  •  Always signal when turning and watch carefully that you are not cutting in front of a car
  •  Have your bike in good working condition including head lights and tail lights and make use of them when it gets dark

Ignoring these rules may result in receiving a fine

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