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Child Benefit

As from the 1st of January 2008 there is a new kind of benefit: child benefit. Child benefit replaces ‘kinderkorting’ (child discount). Child discount used to be deducted from the income tax. The main reason why ‘kinderkorting’ was replaced by child benefit is that not all families could profit from it as their income, and as a result their income tax, was too low. In doing so child benefit became profitable for every family.

Eligibility to child benefit depends on:

  • having minor children;
  • your level of income is not higher than € 46.700 per year;
  • you receive child allowance or maintain a child that is 16 years of age or older.

How much child benefit do I get?

The principle is very simple, the lower your income the higher the child benefit but never exceeding a maximum of € 82 per month. Would you like to find out exactly how much child benefit you are entitled to?

Make your own calculation by using the following link:
Hoeveel toeslag kan ik krijgen?

Generally you do not need to apply for child benefit. You will be automatically notified by the Tax Office whenever you are entitled to child benefit.

Nevertheless, in case you have not been notified by January 2008, you can simply apply for it yourself online:
Ik wil kindertoeslag aanvragen

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