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The Netherlands has the ‘image’ of a very international country, mainly due to it’s capital city Amsterdam. However once you start living here, soon you will find out that reality is otherwise. Speaking a little bit of Dutch and having an understanding of the language will permit you to integrate better and smooth the process of transition to your new expat life!

Here are 50 Dutch Phrases to get you started.

Interesting resources to help you learn Dutch:

You can also talk to the world and improve your language skills! Find penpals all over the world for free and learn languages by chatting with them via internet. You can communicate for free with your friends by audio / video chat:

Another easy way to start learning a language is through play. New Amigos is an ideal game to break the ice for the Dutch language and have fun at same time. It is a language learning game where the players try to guess the meaning of words and phrases:

Teach yourself Dutch online with these videos:

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