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The Netherlands is an attractive country for investment and for foreign nationals due to its favorable position within Europe and its flexible labor force. On the opposite the Netherlands is a bureaucratic country bringing about daunting red tape for expats and their families.

In recent years the Dutch Government has implemented several procedures to simplify a complex immigration system. The Dutch labor authorities recognized certain shortages in certain industry sectors and streamlined with legislation designed to attract and select more educated and highly skilled migrants. One attractive condition for employing highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands is that many will qualify to receive 35% of their income tax-free.

However, as good as it sounds, employing a non-EEA nationals entails strict procedures including first and foremost a proof from the employer’s side to show that attempts have been made to fill the position from the local and EEA labour markets. Roughly, these attempts should include advertising in national newspapers, websites and industry publications.Another important aspect to keep in mind when applying for an immigration procedure is that documents must be in order and valid for the period of your stay. Specifically both marriage and birth certificates has to be translated into Dutch, English, French or German and legalized with the addition of an apostille, an official stamp on the original document obtained from the competent authority in the country of origin. For more information about the apostille follow the link:

Moreover, two main bodies are in charge of immigration procedures, the IND, which implements immigration policy and makes decisions on residence permits, and the GBA, where you register your entry into the Netherlands.

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