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The Netherlands is one of the main hubs in Europe boasting of the largest seaport in the world and the fourth largest airport in Europe. The Netherlands Railways (NS) has an international network across Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg and Antwerp. The Thalys, a high speed train takes you from Amsterdam to Paris in just four hours. The Netherlands has an optimal infrastructure making travelling to and within the Netherlands a comfortable and rewarding experience.

The Netherlands has a good infrastructure system including efficient public transport services which are easy and affordable to get around. Buses and railways cover most of the regions, even the most rural. Thus, planning routes throughout the country is easy and comprehensive. OV9292 provides point-to-point public transport route planner covering all major transport types within the Netherlands. Buying a rail card is worth the investment since the Netherlands has a dense railway network that offers frequent service and is the quickest way to travel between city centers. There are a number of ways to get into the Netherlands from neighboring countries; either by car or train. However, visitors from further away will probably be using air travel.

For public transport travel information, including detailed travel directions, visit:
9292 door-to-door journey planner.

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