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The Netherlands has numerous attractions to make your stay one of the most fun and unforgettable trips of your life. From zoos, such as Artis Zoo, to fun-parks like Madurodam, not to mention the world-famous Efteling. There are also countless attractions, ranging from historical squares, lively markets and, canals, beautiful gardens, museums and of course, the notorious Red Light District.

There are also various attractions of waterworks spread all over the country. For instance, the 2500 houseboats that are located along the canals in Amsterdam is a Dutch phenomenon which nowadays became a major touristic attraction itself. As a matter of fact, a houseboat is a normal house including a living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, bathroom and often a small terrace on the deck. You may even experience a typical Dutch way of living on the water by spending a couple of days at a houseboat during your holiday! Another major waterwork hallmark is the Afsluitdijk, a 32kilometer long dike. Afsluitdijk was constructed between 1927 and 1933 and connects the province of North Holland with the province of Friesland.

The flower fields are another major Dutch attraction. The colourful fields with flowering tulip bulbs are a typical sight in Holland during the spring and a must experience. The best period to experience these fantastic views is the second half of April. The most popular bulb fields are located close by the North Sea dunes, between the cities of Leiden and Den Helder. One can actually cylce through the fields enjoying the colourful landscape and the lovely fragrances of the tulips!

For those who prefer a more laid back holiday in Holland, there are various interesting attractions as well. For instance, the Spido harbour tour offers a fascinating trips through one of the largest harbors in the world. Perhaps why not a day at the beach while visiting Amsterdam! Surprisingly enough, Amsterdam actually does have beaches. There are three main beaches located around the periphery of the city – Strand Zuid, Strand West and Strand IJburg all having major relaxing facilities including beach restaurants, water and sand! An alternative are the famous beaches of Scheveningen, Zandvoort or Bloemendaal.

Our list of noteworthy attractions and places to see in the Netherlands, from the must-see tourist landmarks to the top local attractions.

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