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Labour Migrant

A labour migrant is someone who comes to the Netherlands to work as a employee. When you want to come to work in the Netherlands as a labour migrant, you need to apply for a work permit (issued by CWI – Centre for Work and Income) and a residence permit (issued by the IND).

It is advised to apply for the residence permit within 8 days of your arrival. In most of the cases an MVV is needed, which should be applied for at the same time as the work permit. In general, the IND will take a decision for an MVV request within 4 weeks after the work permit has been issued.

Requirements for labour migrant residence permit:

  • A work permit granted by the CWI
  • Employee must have an employment contract
  • Employee’s income must be at least equal to the social assistance standard
  • MVV when it’s needed
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