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Paradiso (Weteringschans 68) is located in the heart of Amsterdam. This neo-gothic converted church offers a variety of live music, concerts, festivals and live acts. During weekends, Paradiso transforms into a dance mecca hosting local and international dj’s.

The Melkweg (Lijbaansgracht 234) is a popular destination for a perfect tonight out.This former dairy is a hot spot of entertainment, featuring dance and rock music, local and international bands/dj’s. With it’s two spacious halls, the Melkweg is able to host double feature nights! The club is open every Friday & Saturday, entrance fee €4,50.

Escape (Rembrandt Plein 11) is by far one of the largest clubs in Amsterdam. This Escapevenue hosts dance events and well known dj’s. During the first months of 2007, 3 new areas will be inaugurated. The first one, the Escape studio is already functioning mainly as real tv-studio. Escape is open from Thursday – Sunday form 11pm to 5am with an admission fee of €12 to €20.

Located in a narrow street just off Rembrandt square (Wagenstraat 3-7), Sinners SinnersClub is a top class club offering good music and style. Long mirrors, lush carpets and designer furniture make this place one of the poshest club in the city. Come early and dress well to impress if you’re not a member. Free entrance before midnight!

Club More (Rozengracht 133) was inaugurated in 2000. Trendy and flashy club with a large variety of music styles and great dj mixes. Once you manage to get in – make sure your name is on the guest list (visit web site) and you look great get ready to dance and party ! Open from 11pm to 4am (5am weekends), closed on Tuesdays.

The Powerzone (Spaklerweg) is huge club located in an industrial zone close to theAmstel station. With a capacity of 5000 guests at a time, a large dance floor to move and a lounge area for relaxing, this club is undoubtedly one of the top destinations for party people! Getting in is as easy as getting out which gives the club an extra star for popularity. Powerzone is open every Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 5am and charges an entrance fee of €12.

Supper Club ( 21 Jonge Roelensteeg ) is the club of the moment. Here you can experience food, fantasy, music, art and of course love! Supper Club offers a magical atmosphere with a delicate sensual touch. Experience the sense of freedom and enjoy your evening at Supper Club every day from 8pm to 1am.

Jimmy Woo’s ( Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18) is currently one of the top hot spots inAmsterdam. The oriental design and style is based on the fictional character of Hong Kong triad boss. The dominant red and black decor together with oriental antiques elicit an 18th century opium den sensation. Opium lounges, a stylish bar, superb dance floor with astonishing lightning and sound systems make the place a distinctive clubbing venue. Open from 11pm to 3am, Monday & Tuesday closed.

Mazzo ( Rozengracht 114) is one of the oldest clubs in Amsterdam, always in trend with the latest world’s musical stream. The club is renowned for it’s futuristic and original video experiments. The place is not very large and mainly popular for older public. The entrance policy is relaxed but with a +23 restriction. The club is open from Thursday – Sunday, 11pm to 5am. Admission €5 – €10.

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