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Healthcare Benefits

Everybody aged 18 or older will pay standard premiums for a basic insurance. No premiums will be paid by persons under the age of 18. Premiums vary depending on the insurer and the specific insurance policy. A statutory basic package will cost approximately € 88 per month excluding the cost of any supplementary insurance.

The Government has announced various tax measures designed to ensure affordable schemes. You may therefore be entitled to an income-related reimbursement depending on your personal situation.
The Tax Office will determine your entitlement to receive benefits on the basis of your salary and if applicable, your partner’s annual income. This reimbursement is designed to compensate you for the insurance premiums you have to pay.

Eligibility to health care benefit (zorgtoeslag) depends on:

  • The composition of the household;
  • The annual income must not exceed € 32,502 for a single and € 47,880 for a cohabitant.

Within 8 weeks after applying for the health benefit you will be notified by the tax authority stating the deserved amount of the benefit. From then on the benefit, always paid in advance, will be deposited to your bank account approximately every 20th of the month. In case your personal situation changes, for instance income increases / decreases or the household composition changes, then you have to inform the Tax Office as this may have consequences for the entitlement of the benefit. Annually the Tax Office will calculate and verify the health benefit you have received during the past year and in case of incorrectness pay out or reclaim the difference.

It is not necessary to apply for the health benefit for the following year as long as there are no alternations. In this case the Tax Office will assume that your personal situation has not been changed.
You can apply online at: Ik wil zorgtoeslag aanvragen

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