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Renting Guidelines

The following information offers some practical tips about renting issues such as where to rent and negotiating the deal.

Dutch housing is very compact. In fact, 75% of the nation lives on 25% of the land, mainly cities. Thus, this makes housing a very demanding issue. Once you have decided to rent, keep in mind the following points:

  • Ask for a contract in English.
  • When dealing with a housing agent, there will be a brokerage fee equivalent to one month rent, excl. vat.
  • A deposit of one month is customary.
  • Renting charge can increase annually, depending on the increase of the cost of living (around 1.5-2%).
  • User’s costs such as garbage tax, environment tax, sewer tax, cleaning of the central heating system/water boiler/common areas, telephone, internet are not included in a month’s rent.
  • Be sure to know how much notice you have, in case you want to terminate contract (a diplomatic clause gives you the right to terminate the contract within two month’s notice).
  • Normally a tenant is charged a fee for minor repairs, irrespective of the cause. Major repairs which are not due to any fault of the tenant will be borne by the owner.
  • When ending a contract, the property must be returned in the same condition.

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